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from SolBridge:

Surrounded by idyllic jade mountains peppered with ancient temples and Confucian pavilions, Daejeon is generally considered the most livable and dynamic city among of Korea’s major cities. Traffic is quite reasonable, parks, rivers and museums are never more than a short ride away and one can get to Seoul in 50 minutes by train. But what makes Daejeon unique among all the cities of Asia is its astonishing collection universities and research institutes conducting world-class research in the applied sciences from semiconductors to fusion technology and next-generation satellites. Daejeon boasts a large international community and an incredible population of over 7,500 citizens with Ph.D. degrees in the applied sciences and an equal number with M.A.s and other advanced training. Daejeon has earned its name as Asia’s “Silicon Valley.”


The stunning Gyelong Mountains and the sparkling waters of Daecheong Lake are just a few kilometers from Daejeon. Yet even in the city one is never far away from nature. The mountain paths and hidden valleys that unfold in all directions, the picturesque banks of the Gapcheon River and the numerous parks and rivers are perfect for an afternoon stroll. And a short ride away you will find the charming pottery village, the ancient city of Gongju, and, a little further out, the breathtaking beaches of the Anmyon Peninsula. But it is the vibrant spirit of Daejeon as a metropolis that will win your heart. With its National Government Complex, making Daejeon a “little Seoul,” brand new subway system and excellent highways Daejeon offers all creature comforts. At the center of Korea’s transportation network, Daejeon is close to everything.
After a long day exploring the parks and boulevards of Daejeon, be sure to rest up at the fabulous Yuseong Spa district. Famous throughout Korea for its service, you will be much refreshed after a massage at one of the fine establishments at Yuseong.

Then check out the gourmet restaurants of the hopping Mannyeon District, or go shopping at the luxurious Galleria Department in the Dunsan District. There is something for everyone in the department stores, specialty boutiques, cafes and bars of downtown Daejeon.
Children will especially enjoy Daejeon. Zooland Park, the rides of Gumdori Park, the Ecosystem Museum near Daecheong Lake, the Daejeon Science Museum and the Hanbat Arboretum will win their hearts. Daejeon features a very competitive elementary, middle and high schools including Taejon Christian International School (TCIS) and the Daejeon Science High School. Particulary, the Daejeon Science High is considered the best in Korea. There are many playgroups and activities for the international community that will keep your children busy. The Pyeongsong Youth Center also has many activities to stimulate young minds.


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