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It's hard to believe I've already been in Korea for a year already! 

Tomorrow, I finish my contract at CDI in Daejeon.  I've enjoyed it here this year and made some great friends. Monday, I'll be starting a position at Uchon Elementary in northeastern central Seoul.

Uchon is a private immersion school, so I'll be a 3rd grade homeroom teacher, teaching various academic subjects in English.  I've met several of the teachers from the school and they all seem to really enjoy working there.

I made a run up to Seoul yesterday to get access to my apartment.  While it's not as large as the one I've had here in Daejeon, it's nice and I think I'll be happy there. 

I'll be losing the balcony and the loft I have in my current apartment, but I think it's a pretty good trade since I'll be gaining 10-12 weeks of paid vacation each year.  One of my reasons for coming to Korea was to have the opportunity to travel and see different countries in this part of the world.  With the new position, I'll have plenty of opportunity to do that and I'm already planning a trip to Thailand in January.


Anonymous,  September 9, 2010 at 2:30 AM  

How long are you planning on staying in Korea? We miss you here in the states.

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