Since it's Fall, I went with a group of Korean friends to Danyang, a small town about 2 hours via bus from Seoul, this weekend to do some sightseeing.  We had a really nice, relaxing weekend enjoying the beautiful mountains and the autumn foliage.

After we arrived on Saturday, we visited a cave to see some pretty amazing rock formations.

We spent the night at a pension, which is kind of the Korean equivalent of a rental cabin.  Pensions usually are more like a hotel or condo, except without furniture so everyone sleeps on the floor... kind of a big slumber party. 

 We grilled out and played some kind of traditional Korean game.  Honestly, I have no idea the name of the game or the rules of the game.  All I know is you throw 4 wooden pieces and they way they land decides how many spaces you move around the board.

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful. I took a few pictures of the area around the pension. 

That afternoon, we went on a  scenic boat tour to see the mountains.

We followed that with a little skeet shooting.

And wrapped up the day with a visit to Dodam Sambong, also known as "The Three Peaks".

According to Korean legend, the three rock peaks here tell the story of a man, his wife, and his mistress.  The larger peak in the middle is the man.  Since his wife (on the left) was unable to bear him any children, he took a mistress.  However, the mistress became closer to the man than his wife which is why she is turned away from him.


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