Wow! How did that happen?


I'm not sure how it happened but it's been 2 months already since I posted here.

So much has happened... all great!  To make it easy to follow, I'll break things down into a couple of different posts.

First, Christmas was really nice this year.  Christmas Eve started a month long vacation for me.  One of my good friends from Daejeon came up that night and we went to Myeongdong Cathedral on Christmas morning.

The service was nice, albeit a bit short.  Apparently, just due to the sheer numbers of people who attend there each Sunday services are limited to about 45 minutes so that there is enough time for one group to leave and the next arrive for the hourly services.

Later, we had brunch, rested a bit, then went to another friend's apartment that evening for a Christmas party... complete with fruit salad for dessert:

Yes, that's a very camera shy Korean hiding behind the fruit!

The Monday after Christmas (the 27th) I hopped on a plane for an absolutely INCREDIBLE 22 day trip to Thailand.


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