Cirque du Soleil


You just never know when being nice to someone will have a wonderful reward.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a small group of people who were new to town and were exploring Itaewon a bit.  I chatted with them a while and helped them out a bit.  It turns out that they work for Cirque du Soleil, which is playing here for the next two months.  One of my friends and I were wanting to go, so I asked if it would be better to buy tickets online or go to the box office.  They started laughing and that's when I learned that one of them, Ene, is actually the floor supervisor who handles all the seating.  He told me to just buy the cheapest tickets and let him know when I was coming so he would be expecting me.

Well, I did just that-- and my friend and I each paid 60,000KW (about $53) for our tickets.  When we got to the show, we met Ene... and he escorted us to the VIP section where we sat in INCREDIBLE seats that normally sell for 220,000KW ($195) each.  The show was really nice and we had a great evening.

Thanks so much, Ene!

I know the pics aren't that great.  You're not really supposed to take any at all, but I snuck a couple with my iPod... lol



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