Teacher's Day


Here in Korea, May 15 (yesterday) is Teacher's Day.  This is DEFINITELY a holiday that should be picked up back in the United States.

The students bring gifts for their teachers.  I was given a virtual garden of flowers:

I also received cards, candy, some really nice men's facial lotion/aftershave/deodorant from Chanel and Kiehl's, and 100,000KW (about $90) from the PTA, but the gift that really shocked me was... an engraved pen from Mont Blanc:

If you're not familiar with Mont Blanc.... well, the metal on the pen is platinum and that's a sapphire on the clip. 


ms:pinky May 23, 2011 at 7:43 AM  

hi ,, just cant wait till i become teacher and go to teach in korea ^^

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