While Halloween is celebrated in Korea, it's usually only very young children that dress up.... EXCEPT for the Westerners that is. It may just be because it's a way of "connecting" with western culture but the foreigners here seem to really enjoy dressing up and going out. The "foreigner" bars really play it up as well. I forgot to bring my camera, but fortunately one of the other teachers took some great pics. (Thanks Wah!)



On a completely different note... I went through and deleted about 400 friends from my facebook account this week. I had so many people posting things on such a regular basis that I'd just quit bothering to check it. I'd have to wade through hundreds of messages every day. Facebook is used as a major means of communicating over here, so I basically just left the people from here so I can actually see what's going on with the other ex-pats.


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