I'm now officially an alien!


Well, I'd been working on my last post for almost a week and finally got a chance to finish it (I NEEEED internet at my apartment) so by the time it was done a few more things have happened.

First, I got my alien registration card (ARC) yesterday-- I'm now officially an alien! LOL. This is the Korean equivalent of a "green card", without which you can't open a bank account, get internet service, get a cell phone (usually), etc. And most importantly-- without which, I can't get paid!!!

So... I got my ARC and one of the staff from the school went with me and another new teacher to open up bank accounts. It was very interesting to me that here you can open a bank account without actually deposting any money in the bank. We were issued bank books (like the old fashioned kind rearely used anymore in the States) and bankcards-- but not checks. Apparently checks just aren't used here since everything is set up for either a bankcard or cash. All transactions made at the bank are electronically entered into the bankbook-- so there's never a case of forgetting to write down a deposit.

Now, I can actually get my internet set up (whoooo hooo!!) as well as getting paid! Life'll be MUCH easier!


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