On the KTX


Well... I'm learning my way around Korea. As I type this I'm onboard the KTX (the bullet train) headed to Seoul for the night. I deliberatedly made this trip (my first on the KTX) alone-- so that I would know I could get around without having to rely on someone.

I "splurged" by buying a first class ticket for myself for this trip (it costs 33,000 KW instead of 22,000 KW--about $9 more). The train is VERY comfortable and amazingly quiet. I think I may just take a nap til I get there...

Editted to add:
Well, can't get sleep... So figured I'd make a note about the sandwich I bought to eat on the train. Sanwiches in Korea are an interesting thing! Think of the typical sandwich u'd buy at a convenience store in the States.. Cut in half/packaged, etc. EXCEPT... Half of my sandwich was sliced ham, cheese, tomato, dill pickles, and a vegetable kinda like cucumbers, with mustard... And the other half was sliced ham, cheese, ham salad, the cucumberish vegetable and onions. What a combination!!!


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