Korean Barbecue


Ok... I know I've talked about the food here a couple of times already, but this time it's something I cooked.

One of my favorite foods here so far is what is called "Korean Barbecue". I think I probably mentioned it here before somewhere.

Well, I went grocery shopping this weekend and decided to try to cook it myself. It's actually rather simple.. pork (I think it's pork belly-- kind of like a thick bacon) that is fried, then dipped in sesame oil with salt and pepper. That is then placed on either leaf lettuce or a sesame leaf. A slice of roasted garlic, some pepper paste, and some very thin green onions are added on top. The whole leaf is then basically just balled up and you eat the whole thing at once. Each person puts it together himself as his eating, so you have really fresh vegetables with the crispy pork taste. Delicious!! My version isn't 100% yet, but it's pretty close. (still not sure exactly which pepper paste to use) Once I tried it and it worked so good, I've cooked it several more times in the past few days.

I took pics of it as I was cooking...







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