Sitting at the airport


Well, it's been a busy couple of days but now I'm in the home stretch...

The past few days were a LOT of travelling. I drove down from Tennessee to visit my mom near Atlanta, with a detour of a day or so to see some of my close friends on the way (see my last blog entry). Hours of driving, although there were a few nice spots, such as Tunnel Road in Asheville:

After visiting with my mom for a couple of days, I came on down to Atlanta last night 'cause I needed to wrap up a couple of final business issues. I went on and got a great deal on a hotel room at the Courtyard Marriot near the airport:

Not bad for $45/night, huh?

This morning, I got to the airport really early expecting it to take a while to get through security, etc. since it's an international flight. The ladies at the ticket counter were very efficient, even though it did cost me $130 for that extra bag... lawd, lawd, what do I need with all those extra clothes anyway?

Security was a breeze... in fact, it was probably te fastest I've gotten through airport security anywhere in years. There were only 2 or 3 people ahead of me, so the total time from checking in my baggage to get across Hartsfield, including security, was about 15 minutes.

So... now I sit and wait...

So far, I've flown various places in the U.S., to Europe, South America, the Carribean, and now to Asia... no matter where you go, except for the language people are speaking, airport waiting areas are exactly the same!


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