The Subway


Well, I've pretty much figured out the subway system.

Now, to understand how big of a thing that is, I just moved from an area that looks like this:

Obviously, no subway there.

Now, I'm in a place where I not only have to take the subway, but where directions to different places are routinely given according to which exit one should take from any particular subway station (one station can have up to 8 exits). Add to that the fact that there are numerous subway lines that intersect each other, so you usually have to transfer from one train to another. Just these things would be confusing enough, but remember that all of the station names, instructions, etc. are all in Korean... well, it does get interesting. It usually costs 1,000 won (about 80 cents) to take the subway (1,500 won if it's a really long trip).

Last night this is what it looked liked on the subway:
Seoul Subway

Not bad at all... however during rush hour it's a COMPLETELY different situation. The people were packed in like sardines.

This morning, I got up and walked to the bakery half a block away. FYI, there is at least one coffee shop (sometime two) on each block and usually a food place or two as well. You can literally walk out your door and be in a restaurant of some kind in 2 minutes or less.

I'm not sure the name for what I had for breakfast, but you can see a picture of it here:

"Curry Bread"

It was a savory bread with a hotdog frank cooked into it with onions, cheese, and herbs on top. Really tasty, though not what I would normally think of as "breakfast food".


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